Language Day, 25.09.2017 – 29.09.2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

Our school is a multicultural school since pupils come mainly from Asian countries but also from European ones. We decided to propose Greek proverbs that cover a variety of situations involving learning, work, friendship and others and ask the pupils to find their equivalent form not only in some of the main European languages( English, German, French, Italian and Spanish) but also in Albanian, Russian, Georgian, Turkish, Dari, Urdu, Farsi, Chinese and Arabic.
The activities that will be done comprise role playing, pantomime, explanation of the proverbs, comic strip creation, graffiti and drawing and aspire to let students, teachers and the general public get in touch with various cultures, enrich their knowledge of the world, find common links and, ultimately, have fun!

VENUE: Intercultural Gymnasium of Eastern Thessaloniki
TARGET GROUPS: General public, Language experts, Language learners, Language teachers, Members of migrant communities / Speakers of minority or regional language(s), Parents, Pupils, Young people (in general)
ORGANISER: Intercultural Gymnasium of Eastern Thessaloniki
ADDRESS: 8, Ethnikis Aminis Street, P.C. 546 21, Thessaloniki, Greece
CONTACT NAME: 1) Damtsi Efthymia ( Teacher of English), Phone number: 0030-697-2315687 2) Tsadila Maria ( Teacher of German), Phone number: 697-4473847 3) Prodromou Chrysoula ( Teacher of French) Phone number: 697-2152672
CONTACT EMAIL: mail@gym-diapol-thess.sch.gr